Covid 19 Lock down seems a little like this

Makes you re think buying items made in China ……. problem is the companies in USA would rather give the ideas to China as the demand that and then buy it from them ,cheap, then simply brand it with an American name and resell to USA.  Point of Fact: they apparently do not care about the danger that places US in the USA in. Why? China has proven to be building their military and they are set on being the major super power. Yes that is true.  China is of course communist and they are Anti – Christ  yes they are against Jesus Christ and they enjoy the symbols of the Dragon and so on.  Read our Bible as to the Dragon and whom that represents.  They haven’t blinked an eye being responsible for killing over 2 Million people world wide and counting. Think about that,  Hope you will contact your congress men House and Senate and ask if they are so arrogant that they think China is no real threat to US that they refuse to do what We the people ask them to do VS the companies that make a profit. Point what good will a profit do anyone if you are governed by others and you lose your freedom?

AND NY  Come on Freedom is USA Home of the Brave. Not the Home of the scared or Dictators

Use your intelligence , of course ,  not forcing into homes and shutting down Business without 1st being sure there a true problem that is worse than the Reg. Flu. meaning spreading Covid.  Surely this can and should and in many States are being done.  Simply distance in bars and raise the price a bit same as restaurants. Have a drink limit and so on to simply insure no rowdy out of hand behaviour , SIMPLE   OK did some venting there  : )  yet seriously , USA is all about Freedom based upon our constitution , Bill of Rights and of course the Bible our USA foundation our Faith in God. Why the USA National Motto is In God We Trust. Also is how we form our USA foundation of what is right & what is wrong. Our National direction of Behavior. What MLK was saying the entire time. For 1 example. Take a look at George Washington just before the most important battle , if they had lost we would never have become a Nation.

This is the True USA and why it became and remains the strongest Nation on Earth. Unless We the People allow the Politicians take it away from US. No one Died nor lost a limb or went broke living on the streets fighting the wars for that to ever take place.

Follow George Washington’s example: Pray then Stand and fight.

How here is one example: Scroll down Read learn pass it to others and get involved

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